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Monde Selection

As a result of its uncompromising standards, Tastyfood became the first and only local 3-in-1 beverage company to win three Grand Gold Awards and one Gold Award at the prestigious 1996 Monde Selection. The pinnacle in quality commendation, the Monde Selection is Europe’s internationally recognised and revered institute for product quality selection.

Then in 1997, Tastyfood continuing its strive for excellence and quality, garnered a total of eight Gold Awards.In 1998, for the third consecutive year, Tastyfood is once again the remarkable winner of sixteen Monde Selection Gold Awards.As a recipient of Monde Gold Awards for three consecutive years, Tastyfood was conferred the famed Monde Selection Trophy in 1998.Winning all these awards have placed Singapore on the world map for 3-in-1 beverage manufacturing for quality and excellence – two factors which we at Tastyfood believe very strongly in. At Tastyfood, our mission is to consistently provide our customers with products that meet world standards year after year. With that promise, customers can look forward to total product satisfaction with our beverages. And that is for us, our best reward.

ISO and HACCP Certifications

Through the years, Tastyfood has continually maintained its uncompromising standards by practising high levels of proficiency coupled with careful compliance to strict quality control measures. Because of this stress on quality and continual strive for excellence, both its manufacturing plants in Singapore and China have attained ISO 9002 quality certification in 1998 & 1997 respectively. Our manufacturing arm is also HACCP certified.

Other Awards

Over the years, Tastyfood has consistently merited international product excellence accolades, establishing Singapore as one of the world’s top quality food maufacturers. Amongst its other prestigious awards are the Gold Medals conferred by the Taiwan Food Association Committee from 1990 to 1992 and China’s “Most Popular Quality Product” Gold Awards in 1994. Vitamax has also been officially recognised by China’s Tax Authority as one of the top tax contributing business enterprises in 1997 & 1998.