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Vitamax Black Rice Cereal

Vitamax Black Rice Cereal is made of Whole Wheat, Black Rice, Malt Extract, Calcium, Fructose and more. Rice itself is a good source of iron, protein & vitamin B. While white rice is milled and polished to remove its bran and germ, Black rice retains these nutritious components.

Fructose is the Sugar that is primarily found in fruit and also known as “Fruit Sugar”. Fructose is significantly sweeter than sugar (sucrose), therefore the amount added is greatly reduced which in turns reduces the intake of calories & carbohydrates which is Ideal for DIETERS. This is also a healthy alternative for diabetics as it has very little effect on blood glucose & only a negligible effect on the secretion of insulin.

Cereals since ancient time are main support of our diet that contains the goodness at protein, dietary fibre, essential vitamin and minerals needed for balanced healthy lifestyle.

Packing Details

per 20 ft Container:
30G X 8S X 16 boxes x 1100 cartons

16 boxes per carton
500 ctns

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