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Vitamax Soybean Cereal

Vitamax Soya Bean Milk Cereal is made of Whole Wheat, Soya Bean, Malt Extract, Calcium and more. Soya bean is an excellent source of high protein food which contains an almost perfect balance of all the essential amino acids making them a valuable protein for all functions of the body. Soya beans are also an excellent source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, essential oil, linolenic acid, Vitamin E & B Vitamins and a great source of lecithin which has been found to reduce cholesterol levels in the bloodstreams. Cereals, since ancient time are main support of our diet that contains the goodness of protein, dietary fibre, essential vitamin and minerals needed for balanced healthy lifestyle.

Packing Details

per 20 ft Container:
30gm x 20 Sachets x 20 Bags x 600 Cartons

20 bags per carton
100 Ctns

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